Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bruno is gone but will Trunzo stick around too?

The big news this week is that Joe Bruno is retiring before he gets indicted. But what does this mean for us out here on Long Island? It's common knowledge that Bruno begged Caesar Trunzo to stay on for the last few elections even though many people doubt that Trunzo even really knows where he half the time and he spends most of his time in Florida anyway. So what does the future hold for Trunzo? Well, he says he's running again.

Meanwhile, several senators who were mentioned as possibilities to follow Bruno into retirement or new jobs continued to toe the party line by insisting they intend to seek re-election to their Senate seats.

Long Island Sen. Caesar Trunzo, who, at 81 is the Senate's oldest member, said he will seek another term, adding: "I’m going to continue running."

Oh brother.

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