Thursday, July 24, 2008

Torches and pitchforks! Angry Republicans demand Trunzo step down!!

It's like Frankenstein or something.

Islip dissidents mass to call for Trunzo's ouster

About 65 unhappy Islip Republicans turned out in the sweltering heat Monday night in front of the party's Third Avenue headquarters in Bay Shore to ask Caesar Trunzo to step down as town GOP leader.

Frank Tratone, one of the leaders of the group which calls itself "21st Century Republicans,” said Trunzo has “guided the party through one disaster after another,” and has no plans for fundraising for anyone other than himself through Election Day.

Tratone said the new group is planning its own fundraiser, and will reach out to candidates and offer support. “It’s not too later to save the this party,” said Tratone, “Brookhaven Republicans changed leadership and recptured the majority on the town board. We will do it too.”

And check out these comments on the Newsday blog:

Who is left without a hearing problem or without self interest to snuggle up to Caesar's butt? All of his advisors are wheeled into 3rd Avenue by their nurses and all dislike him as he sits there licking his fingers like one who is demented. They are all phoneys.


How many times do people have to tell Caesar its time to go? He is a stubborn old man who needs to relize his time is up. IslipBlohard what have you done for anything? Frank is one of the few bold Republicans who has stood up and said no more!

I can sympathize with these poor republicans. I've been saying Trunzo should go since the 70's.

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