Friday, July 25, 2008

Why did it take Trunzo so long to file?

Caesar Trunzo's campaign didn't file with the BoE for more than a week after the "deadline". What took so long? Oh yeah, it's numbers and stuff. Caesar don't do numbers so much anymore. He only raised 68 K, by the way:

Trunzo campaign filing finally shows up

State Sen. Caesar Trunzo campaign election filing finally showed up on the state Board of Elections website Friday more than a weerk over due and a day after Democrats filed a complaint over the delay.

On Thursday, Trunzo’s spokesman said they received a return mail receipt indicating the state board received the campaign information July 16 and do not know why the report has not been posted on the state’s website.

“It strikes me as odd arguing they submitted their filing when the board of elections has not posted it,” said Doug Forand, a consutlant with Senate Demcorats campaign committee. “Campaign finance disclosure is pretty critical to being open with the people and if there’s nothing to hide it should be made available to the people.”

Trunzo’s filing showed that over the last six months Trunzo added $68,660 to the $205,000 already in his coffers and only spent $20,312, leaving him with $253,406 cash on hand. His biggest donors were police unions who gave him more than $12,000.

I guess there are just different rules for republicans like Trunzo.

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