Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will Trunzo debate Foley? Survey says NO!

Brian Foley is the town supervisor in brookhaven He is the guy who is running against Caesar Trunzo. He has challenged Trunzo to five debates before the election in November.

Supervisor Brian Foley challenged 36-year incumbent Senator Caesar Trunzo to a series of 5 Town Hall debates across Islip and Brookhaven. The debates will each focus on an issue facing working families of the district.
"After 36 years in the State Senate, people are waiting for solutions from Caesar Trunzo and they're not going to get answers from his 30-second ads which tell us that 'you don't fix what's not broken," said Supervisor Foley. "I believe Albany is broken and I want to have a debate on how we're going to fix it."

Supervisor Foley proposed 5 town hall debates in Patchogue, West Sayville, Holbrook, Mastic Beach, and Central Islip:

Patchogue: Education, Wednesday, September 24th 6-8pm

West Sayville: Property Tax Reform, October 8th 6-8pm

Holbrook: Healthcare, October 15th 6-8pm

Mastic Beach: Environment, October 22th 6-8pm

Central Islip: Economic Development, October 30th 6-8pm

"Throughout my career in public service, I have always debated my opponents, because our community deserves the opportunity to hear from us in person and to ask questions of us," Foley said. "Throughout his 36 year career, Senator Trunzo has been reluctant to debate his opponents. Unlike many of those opponents, I will have the resources to share my message with the public, but I believe we owe them more than 30-second TV ads and soundbites."

Foley added, "For the voters of this district, the choice is clear: they can vote for more of the same tired policies that have failed them for 36 years, or they can choose the change that we need, here at home and in Albany."

None of these debates will happen. Caesar barely knows where he is these days. He won't be debating anyone.

He can't.

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