Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost your house? Blame Trunzo.

daily Gotham tears Caesar a new one with this post about the mortgage crisis.

In June, legislative leaders announced a deal on foreclosures, halfway between the preferred republican approach of doing nothing and the Democratic goal of a one-year foreclosure moratorium. Of course, the financial interests that own the republicans wouldn't have anything to do with a one-year moratorium; in consequence, one of their stooges, Caesar Trunzo, put his name on a bill that provided for a ninety-day warning period before you lose your home - a warning, not relief. The difference is clear: under the Democratic plan - Sheldon Silver has his occasional uses - you can't be evicted from your home for a year. Under the Trunzo plan, they have to send you a note and then kick you to the curb.

There are two very clear deductions from that, both of which point, again, to why we need a Democratic Senate. One, with Democrats in charge, you won't find legislation written by Wall Street, period. Two, with Democrats in charge, good Progressive legislation, like the one-year moratorium, will pass both houses and thus, actually become law.

So Democrats give you a one-year grace period, and Caesar gives you ninety days warning before you're kicked out of your home.

Pretty clear choices here, you'd think.

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