Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trunzo rakes in big bucks from the health insurance companies

This is from politics64, who is a local, at TAP:

Trunzo's HMO Ties Making Voters Sick

A press release from the Brian Foley campaign reveals the financial ties of Caesar Trunzo (R-FL) to the healthcare industry.

While healthcare crisis worsens, Trunzo continues to take in big bucks from healthcare industry

As millions of New Yorkers continue to live without healthcare coverage and face an uncertain future, 36 year-incumbent Senator Caesar Trunzo is living large – off the money he collects from the healthcare industry. Financial records filed by Trunzo's own campaign indicate that he's been on the take from HMO's for years. Since 1999 alone, Trunzo has taken $66,000 from the healthcare industry.

While he's raking in big bucks from his friends in the health insurance field, Trunzo's failed leadership is resulting in millions of people lacking adequate health coverage. Trunzo, a member of the broken status quo that brought us the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, has a healthcare record an insurance company CEO can be proud of. Whenever there are legislative battles pitting insurance companies against every-day consumers struggling to pay their healthcare premiums, Trunzo's is a vote the insurance companies can and do count on.

For the first time in his 36 year career, Trunzo is being called out for his corporatist ties that has effectively worked against the best interests of the very same working class people he claimed to champion over the decades. This is the first time Trunzo has had an opponent with resources to get this inconvenient truth out to the people of the 3rd State Senate District.

Senator Trunzo voted against women and in favor of HMO's when he voted "No" on the Women's Health and Wellness Bill. The legislation sought to make insurance companies cover mammograms for women over 40. Despite the fact that Long Islanders face the highest rate of breast cancer in the United States, Senator Trunzo chose to side with insurance companies over prevention, the best defense against breast cancer. In addition to mammograms, the bill would have forced HMO's to cover cervical cancer screenings.

Senator Trunzo and his colleagues killed major legislation that would have held HMO's legally liable for the consequences of their decisions. Under the bill, patients who suffer pain, injuries, and even death because of the denial of care or delays in approving care would have the right to place the blame on the insurer, just as a patient would sue a physician for medical malpractice. Thanks to Trunzo's inaction, the bill died on the Senate Calendar.

"Senator Trunzo takes $66,000 from the healthcare industry; then protects the industry from having to care for sick New Yorkers," said Ibrahim Khan, Communications Director for the Foley for Senate campaign. "I think voters can connect the dots. Trunzo's failed policies of the past demonstrate that he's either unwilling or unable to stand up for us when it matters most."

Trunzo's voting pattern demonstrates his commitment to making sure his buddies in Big Business are always taken care of, even if it means his constituents can't go to the doctor's when they're sick. In a shocking vote, Trunzo voted against making Walmart and other large employers provide healthcare benefits to their employees. This, despite that fact that most of these corporations have multi-million dollar budgets and all of them employ at least 50 people.

The large campaign contributions received from healthcare industry lobbyists underscores the pro industry anti consumer voting record of Trunzo and strips the veneer of the jolly, likeable guy you would love as a next door neighbor appeal that Trunzo has played up his entire career.

"Brian X. Foley represents that change we need in Albany. He will reform healthcare, make sure all New Yorkers have quality, affordable health coverage, and hold HMO's accountable," said Khan.

Throughout his career in public service, Foley has stood strong for the health of Suffolk County residents. As County Legislator, Foley took on the tobacco industry – and won. As Brookhaven Town Supervisor, Foley outlawed smoking in public areas; protecting children from second-hand smoke and helping communities breathe cleaner air.

Foley will bring to Albany a proven record of changing government and a commitment to working families. In just two years as the Brookhaven Town Supervisor, he cut a $15 million deficit, got the town its highest bond rating ever, and saved taxpayers $10 million by ending years of no-bid contracts. Because of his hard work, Brookhaven now has the lowest town tax rate in Suffolk County.

Trunzo is NOT on our side. He's on the big money side where he has ALWAYS BEEN!

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