Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dean Skelos says Sienna sucks

Those Siena polls must have hit a little too close to home for "Mean Dean" Skelos. Now he's trying to say they aren't any good.

Not surprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is questioning the methodology of yesterday's Siena poll that brought bad news for his Republicans, including tight races for two veteran incumbents, Serphin Maltese and Caesar Trunzo, and a double-digit lead for Democratic Sen. Craig Johnson in Seklos' backyard.
"I don't believe the Sienna poll is correct and we have our own internal polling that polls that have been done within all of these different district within the past 20 years that indicate a lot different," Skelos said.

"You know, they use the random digit dialing. Sienna has never done a poll in a senate districts and random digit dialing, for all you know, all the phone calls could've gone into Great Neck."

There's a problem with that malarkey though. It isn't true. Skelos just made the whole thing up:

UPDATE: Jerry Skurnik settles the matter, writing that his firm provided the information used by Siena for its polling:
"Siena College bought the random samples for their recent state Senate polls from Prime New York. The samples were registered voters, not random-digit dialing."

Nice try, Dean. Your boy is in trouble.

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