Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Trunzo bails on appearance this weekend in Mastic

Ha! Don't say I didn't tell you so. They are going to try to keep Caesar Trunzo hidden until after November.

This past Wednesday night, 34 year incumbent Caesar Trunzo (R-FL) was a no show for a meeting of the Montauk Merchants Association in Mastic. Congressman Tim Bishop and his opponent were there as was State Senator Ken Lavalle (R-Brookhaven) who is unchallenged in his re-election. This is known to be a very Republican leaning audience of small business owners in the Shirley/Mastic area. Here is an accounting from Kirk Cronk of the Foley campaign of the event.

Yesterday evening a meet the candidates night was held by the Montauk Highway Merchants Association in Mastic. Both Congressman Bishop and his opponent attended as well as Brian Foley, but his opponent Senator Trunzo was a no show for a crowd of 200 people.
Senator Lavalle attended since he represents a portion of the community and spoke for himself with a few kind words for Caesar, but his main message was beware of those people from New York City. The same old tired discredited message for the last forty years recycled again. Foley spoke with personal knowledge of the problems of the district and exactly what he was going to do in Albany. Even in the partisan atmosphere of the room he was well received.
Along while back I informed the community that Trunzo was not likely to wage any type of retail politics effort at the age of 82. He actually never enjoyed these events as he was always concerned about being challenged by his opponents presence necessitating the need for a response that requires being fast on your feet. Caesar has never been accused of being fast on his feet or any other way where deep thought is required.

It looks as though it will be Brian Foley who is canvassing daily and attending every single live event in the district against Trunzo and his plans to let his campaign funds do the talking with paid media. Unfortunately for Trunzo, Foley has pockets that will also be very deep. To date, I have received six Foley direct mailers to two for Trunzo. I am liking our chances for a pickup here more and more each day.

I'm telling you: Trunzo can't campaign anymore. They are going to have to do it for him while they keep on ice down in Florida.

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