Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Poll shows 6 point race

I would have loved to see Brian Foley up by 6 points, but he's right on Caesar Trunzo's heels. The Siena College poll came out this morning and it's Trunzo up by 6. He's under 50% though and that's a very good thing. I bet he hasn't been under 50% since Nixon was still president.

Newsday has a statement from Brian Foley:

The Siena poll this morning showed Republican Cesar Trunzo leading Brian Foley in Suffolk, Dem Craig Johnson crushing Barbara Donno in Nassau, and the battle for the state Senate tight as a tick overall.

Here's a statement from the Foley campaign, which sees a 46-40 deficit as evidence that a majority doesn't want the incumbent:

"The voters of Islip and Brookhaven are tired of skyrocketing property taxes and the failed economic policies of the Albany status quo, and no amount of misleading and negative attack ads will change that. We are not surprised that a majority of voters do not want Caesar Trunzo to represent them in Albany any longer - after 36 years of dysfunction, voters are hungry for change."

Foley can win this thing. Trunzo is in trouble. I guess I'm going to have to knock on some more doors.

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